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Fine Metal Recycles Services

We Will Provide You With The Service You Require.

Fine Metal Recyclers is passionate about recycling scrap metals and provids the effective environment to the people those who want to recycle their waste or excess metal and unwanted cars.

Our Yard:

You can walk in anytime between 7:00 Am to 5:00 Pm Monday to Saturday with any recyclable metal and we will be happy to give the best possible deal for it.

Bin Service:

If you are a business and produce metal waste on regular basis we will happy to provide you with bins that suit your needs and requirments and pick them them up once full.

Factory or Farm Clean Ups:

If you are clearing and cleaning out a factory or farm we will be able to help you get rid of all unwanted metal items.

Old Car Disposal

  •  Buy scrap used cars
  •  Buy unwanted and dead cars
  •  Buy commercial vehicles and trucks
  •  Free damaged car disposal services for all cars and vehicles
  •  Buy and remove cars damaged by accident
  •  Instant cash payment offers when you sell your unwanted car

Our Best Service is the free Fine Metal Recycling Scrap Car Pick Up.

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