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Scrap Radiators & Batteries For Cash

We collect used unwanted batteries and catalytic converters at Fine Metal Recyclers.

At Fine Metal Recyclers, we offer competitive prices for your used material and scrap radiators. We accept wide range of materials like brass, lead, copper, stainless steel and other household material which are possible to recycle.

Radiator scrap is a perfect combination of aluminum and copper. We collect used unwanted batteries and catalytic converters and aluminum radiators on regular basis. Have you heard of catalytic converter? Catalytic converter is a vehicle emission control device that converts highly toxic substances into less toxic substances through catalyzed chemical reactions during recycling.

We pick up old used batteries and catalytic converters from your door for free. We offer industry leading prices for scrap material on the spot. We have tried our best to make the battery/radiator recycling process easy and safe. You can also contact our expert team when you wanted to sell or dispose your used scrap material or unwanted scrap cars.

We are working 24*7 in a week. Just ring us and explain us your requirements in details. You can also request for free quote from us.


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