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Lead Collection & Recycling Service

At Fine Metal Recycling, we provide safe and easy recycling process for scrap material. We offer excellent cash deal for your scrap lead instantly. We are running a reputable scrap metal recycling Company where we offer competitive leading prices for scrap metal like brass, lead, copper, stainless steel, radiators and used cars.

We collect all types of –

  • Lead solder
  • Lead radiation shields
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Bullets and shots
  • Weights and Ballasts
  • Artworks and handcrafts(sculpture, castings, stained glass game, pewter)

Just ring us to get a leading price for your scrap material. We accept wide range of materials, like brass, copper electric wires, carbide and other household materials that are possible to recycle. Your trust is highly important to us and we will provide you best services for couple of years.


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