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Used & Scrap Brass For A Great Price

Brass has various appreciable features like high tensile strength, highly reactive to chemicals, non corrosive, and longevity, the offered brass is widely acceptable across various sectors. The good news is that scrap brass can be recycled and it can be used later for the fabrication of various brass products for residential, commercial and industrial fields. Moreover, you may also get industry leading prices for brass scrap instantly.

Fine Metal Recyclers buys all types of unwanted junk brass. We offers top price for scrap brass. We offer free collection in any location inside Melbourne. We are Australian based business operate in South East of Melbourne provide exceptional service with unbeatable price. Brass comes in varies types such as:

  • Admiralty brass contains 30% zinc, with 1% tin to inhibit dezincification in many environments.
  • Beta brasses, with 45–50% zinc content, can only be worked hot, and are harder, stronger, and suitable for casting.
  • Leaded brass is an alpha-beta brass with an addition of lead. It has excellent machinability.
  • Aluminium brass contains aluminium, which improves its corrosion resistance. It is used for seawater service and also in Euro coins. 
  • Further and each type has its own benefits.

Fine Metal Recyclings offer excellent deal for your brass scrap and we are giving best prices for used brass material. We  aims to make it as easy and hassle free for you to get ride of your old scrap metal and we provide best cash on scrap metal.

Please note that we are giving free tow services for used brass material. We will pick up brass material from your door for free. At Fine Metal recycling, recycling process is easy and safe. We are looking forward to provide you best services for couple of years.


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