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Lead recycling

Fine Metal Recyclers has a reputed recycling facility at Melbourne that has the required equipment for lead recycling. Scrapped lead is mostly found in lead batteries that are used in vehicles or any power backup equipment. These days batteries are used in most of the modern gadgets and machines from cars, power inverters, toys, torches, mobile phones, etc. The high demand of batteries in our modern lifestyle requires a lot of lead for the manufacturing of the same. This is why lead recycling is so crucial to suffice the ever increasing demand of batteries.

We collect all types of lead scrap that include lead solder, lead radiation shields, lead acid batteries, bullets and shots, weights and ballasts. Lead is a hazardous metal. Do not throw away your scrapped lead it may pollute the environment which in turn can have harmful effects on Humans and wildlife. Instead sell it to us and get the best value for your scrap.

To dispose lead batteries or any scrap that contains lead, get in touch with Fine Metal Recyclers to get the top notch price in the market. For us customer service is of utmost importance. We offer our clients the flexibility of choosing a time slot as per their convenience for a free evaluation of their scrap metal at their premises. Our team of trained staff can quickly dismantle and do the clearance for you without any extra charge.

Call us today for any query or to book for a free estimate.

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