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Old Car Removal Experts Melbourne

Are you planning to get rid of old car to buy a new car?

If your answer is yes then Fine Metal Recyclers can help you.

The primary objective of our Company is to provide assistance to those who are looking to sell old cars either it is dead or alive. Why to choose us? We will remove your old car and you may get instant car at the same time. Most of the people are confused what to do with their old cars which are doing nothing but taking up space and collecting dust in your backyard. Well, Fine Metal Recyclers can help you with unwanted old cars. We are expert in old car removal and you will get good amount for your damaged car. You don’t have to take any pain as Fine Metal Recyclers assure excellent tow service for FREE.

It does not matter where are you staying in Melbourne. We are offering tow services without costing a single penny from you. The cash value depends on several factors like model and condition of old car etc. if it is functioning properly then you will get good amount from us. We will tow away your old car even if it is completely damaged. We not only buy your car but make you sure that your old will be removed safely without damaging anything else. Don’t worry; your vehicle will not be shift way to another litter place. All parts are disposed off safely without damaging environmental conditions. We make sure that oil is not spilled or leaked when we are disposing your vehicle.

We buy your old car  because recycling is very much important for a safe environment. Our experts know exactly how to handle different vehicles for maximum benefit. You are not just selling your old car but also helping others who need car parts. In case, your car is in good condition then its certain can be sold instead of recycling them all. However, user parts are sold at lower prices but they can help those people who are looking to renovate their old classic cars but not able to find the right parts. By getting rid of your old car you are not just helping yourself but also helping your environment also. When some vehicle is simply left for many years then it may leak some fluid or oil which is dangerous for environment. It may cause water pollution or air pollution. This is the time to take a right decision and get rid of your unwanted old cars quickly.

Old car removal process is simple and faster. You just have to contact us and ask for a free quote. Explain the car model and its condition so that we can offer a good amount to our client. After reaching at the location, we will inspect your car then you will get instant cash at the same time. You can fix date and time according to your schedule and we will approach you without any delay. We will pick your car up and give you instant cash for old car removal.

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