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Take Care of Your Old Car with Scrap Car Removal in Melbourne

If you are looking for scrap car removal in Melbourne you can find just the right people with minimal research online. They will come and take your old car away and actually buy it off you first so you will get some spare cash that you may not have expected. This is far better than having a useless car in your garage or yard.

Scrap car removal in Melbourne is a thriving industry; something that many people may not realise. If you have an old car that you want to get rid of, you only have to call the wreckers and they will come and take it off your hands, paying you what they think it is worth.  Not all wreckers will do this, so you may need to do a little research to find the best ones.

You might be surprised what you get for an old car, even if it won’t go. There are many parts in a car and if they are still good it is a shame to let them go into landfill. Many things these days can be recycled so when you send your car to the wreckers you are doing your bit for the environment. Metal, tyres, batteries and other car parts are much better kept out of landfill where they can pollute the land and the waterways.

However, the best benefit of sending your old car to the recyclers is that you will not only get rid of annoying junk; you will also get paid for it. What you will get paid depends on what brand and model the car is. Some are worth more than others. But no matter what you are offered it is still better than having a useless car taking up space that could be put to better use.

Most people in cities don’t have a great deal of spare space so an old car sitting in the garage or the backyard is something that can make life miserable, not to mention take the space away from your new car. And while councils do have pick up days for larger items that won’t fit into your bin, this does not include cars, so you are never going to get rid of it unless you phone for scrap car removal in Melbourne.

They service the whole of Melbourne and may even go to outlying districts, so there is no excuse for leaving that old car there to gather dust and become a nuisance. Once it is gone you will wonder how on earth you put up with it for so long. And then you can plan just how to spend that spare cash you got for it.

So don’t let that old car ruin your life. Even though it gave you service when you needed it, now it is ofno use to you, but it can be useful to someone else.

Lead recycling

Fine Metal Recyclers has a reputed recycling facility at Melbourne that has the required equipment for lead recycling. Scrapped lead is mostly found in lead batteries that are used in vehicles or any power backup equipment. These days batteries are used in most of the modern gadgets and machines from cars, power inverters, toys, torches, mobile phones, etc. The high demand of batteries in our modern lifestyle requires a lot of lead for the manufacturing of the same. This is why lead recycling is so crucial to suffice the ever increasing demand of batteries.

We collect all types of lead scrap that include lead solder, lead radiation shields, lead acid batteries, bullets and shots, weights and ballasts. Lead is a hazardous metal. Do not throw away your scrapped lead it may pollute the environment which in turn can have harmful effects on Humans and wildlife. Instead sell it to us and get the best value for your scrap.

To dispose lead batteries or any scrap that contains lead, get in touch with Fine Metal Recyclers to get the top notch price in the market. For us customer service is of utmost importance. We offer our clients the flexibility of choosing a time slot as per their convenience for a free evaluation of their scrap metal at their premises. Our team of trained staff can quickly dismantle and do the clearance for you without any extra charge.

Call us today for any query or to book for a free estimate.

Copper Recycling

At Fine Metal Recyclers we deal in all types of scrap copper that includes pipes, windings, sheets, water tanks, wires, old plumbing, etc. We have a well-equipped and environment friendly facility at Melbourne for safe copper recycling. The best thing about copper is that it does not lose its quality even when it is recycled. Copper is available in different shapes, sizes and forms. As it is an excellent conductor energy and electricity this metal is used widely as a construction material. Many manufacturing units also use copper in their processes. This metal is also the fundamental element for many metal blends. Usually copper has an exposed surface and comes in reddish orange colour. The good news is that copper wires are 100% recyclable in nature.

We offer our clients the best price in the market. Our efficiency helps us to do copper recycling more efficiently. We pass on the benefits to our clients by offering them top notch prices for their scrap metal. We make sure that you can dispose your copper scrap without any hassle. Our friendly and experienced team can come to your premises at the convenient time chosen by you and pick up copper scrap without any extra charge. We provide free pick up and collection of copper scrap throughout Melbourne.

Contact Fine Metal Recyclers to book a convenient time slot for a free estimate of your scrap metal. We also provide free dismantling and clearance. Call us today for more details.

Battery Recycling

Australia as a nation is proactive in adopting new technologies. Most of the advanced technology runs on batteries and unfortunately the discarded batteries if not disposed properly can have hazardous effects on the environment. It is a fact that tons and tons of batteries go to landfills each year. Most of which are made from harmful elements like lead, mercury, nickel and the like. If battery recycling is not done following the right procedure, then it not only harms the environment by polluting soil and water, but also can have damaging repercussions on human race and wildlife.

At Fine Metal Recyclers, we have a reputed scrap metal recycling unit that follows eco-friendly recycling process to extract the heavy metals found in batteries and prevent environment pollution. We offer our clients best cash in exchange of discarded batteries. We have an efficient team who can visit you to evaluate and also pick up the scrap for free.

Customer service is our top priority. To ensure your convenience, we offer flexible pick up and collection time. All you need to do is just call us and book your preferred pick up slot. Our trained and skilled team can not only give you a prompt evaluation of your scrap battery but also can take care of any dismantling and removal. Leave all the hard work to us and get the best price for your unusable and scrapped batteries.

For more details please call us or send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

Aluminium Recycling

Fine Metal Recyclers is one of the most recognised buyers of scrap aluminium in the industry. We operate from our premises located in the South East of Melbourne, Australia. Whether it is shredded or rolled aluminium, we buy all sorts of aluminium scrap at the most competitive prices in the market. We also buy used household items like aluminium window frames, doors, panels and fences. We are a popular choice with both the commercial and industrial clients because of our prompt and quick service.

Aluminium recycling is a substantial part of our business and we are passionate about our work. Quality is at the forefront of all our dealings. We have an experienced and professional team who offers top notch service to our customers. Our friendly and expert staff can visit your home or office to collect scrap and unwanted aluminium for recycling. You can enjoy the flexibility of booking a time slot as per your convenience. We offer free on site evaluation of your scrap aluminium and removal service.

We are proud to say that we are an eco-friendly company that handles the scrap aluminium in such a way that it produces minimal carbon footprint. By following an efficient working model, we are able to pass on the best rates to our clients.

Got some unwanted or used aluminium lying around? Look no further and contact Fine Metal Recyclers and get top cash for all types of aluminium scraps.

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